Vol 18 Chapter 11-3

Xuan remained calm as he continued to eat. It was as though Tiger’s Soul would cause no damage to him or perhaps he believed Zheng would not attack him. He did not move from his seat.

TengYi and LiuYu were shocked by Zheng’s action. They immediately got up but Zheng spoke before they did.

“You are not Xuan. This can be seen in multiple areas. You copied the image of the Xuan that I know of but you do not possess the wit that he has. It’s something that I can’t emulate even in the third stage. The third unlocked stage would be worthless if you can easily emulate him just for being in a dream.” Zheng sneered.

Xuan was still silent. He merely looked over to Zheng. This manner and posture looked quite like the real Xuan. Even the way he chewed his food was nearly identical. Though the real Xuan wouldn’t eat so much.

“First, your silence is similar to when he does it. However, the lack of wit means you are not able to provide me with any kind of advice. Neither can you complete any kind of schemes. That’s why HongLu saw what you couldn’t see and did what you couldn’t do. You are not Xuan!”

Zheng flicked Tiger’s Soul. A thin light blade flew across and sliced off a piece of flesh from Xuan’s face.

Xuan finally showed a strange expression as he looked straight to Zheng.

Zheng continued. “The first person I suspected after I knew this is a dream is you, you know? The person with the biggest gap in the heart is definitely me. And the person with the smallest gap has to be Xuan. He does not even know what it means to have a gap in the heart. His heart is still the crude stage. A gap can’t possibly exist. At least that’s the person I saw when I revived him… Similarly, he directly counters you. The Lambda Driver is the most effective weapon against you. It can alter the dream world into whatever he wants. The moment you stepped into this dream world, you would lose control of your own fate. There’s no escaping. That’s why you could not drag him into this dream.”

“Let me guess.” Zheng sneered. “You probably want to trap us to our deaths. You constructed the dream world using my consciousness. However, you can’t control Xuan’s dream so you simulated him and stayed with us. Since I know of the weaknesses of everyone but the newbies and TengYi, killing us became an easy task for you. And the you would only have to control our physical bodies and ambush him when he’s not expecting it. Is that right?

“This also explains the team members’ disappearances and the newbies’ death.” Zheng flicked Tiger’s Soul again and moved the sword forward. The mist is only a centimeter away from Xuan’s nose. A little push and he could kill Xuan. He stopped and said, “Just like what HongLu had said, the world we are in is the safe dream, which is constructed upon my consciousness. And you are the origin of the nightmare. You can drag us into the despair dream where it is constructed by you. Once you get a hold of the gap in our heart, you can drag us into the other world. That’s why the team members disappeared one by one but the newbies died because I don’t know of their gaps.”

Zheng turned to TengYi and sighed. “I am afraid I can’t kill you because the gap also exists in my heart, and it may be bigger than anyone else’s. You can drag me into the despair dream at any time. So… TengYi, you are the only one who I don’t know of the gap in your heart. Xuan is the person who revived you, not me. You are our only chance of survival! You are also not as weak as the newbies. I believe in you. You can kill this fake Xuan! Believe in your strength. You bathed in dragon blood and unlocked the first stage. The real Freddy is merely a psychopath who’s slightly stronger than a normal person. You can defeat him!

“TengYi… Our lives are placed in your hand. We will depend on you!”

Zheng shouted and slashed Tiger’s Soul at Xuan. As the light blade mist neared Xuan, he disappeared. Xuan flicked two pistols from his sleeves and fired at TengYi.

Zheng lost his target when he came close to Xuan but the sword slashed through. The wall in front of him shattered. Dust covered the room. When the dust settled down, a place he was so familiar with came into view. God’s dimension!

About ten people stood on the platform. Two men were brutally beating another man. A little girl lay on the floor. A Caucasian man was raping her. It appeared that this had gone on for some time. She no longer cried and was barely breathing.

Blood rushed up Zheng’s head. He knew the man being beaten too well. You wouldn’t even call that knowing the man because that was him. The scene superimposed with what his clone once told him, the encounter that changed clone Zheng, and changed Zheng.

It had long existed since the old times to welcome the newcomer to the prison with a beating. It was a tactic to judge your character. That was probably what the original members of team Devil were doing. They were a team which leeched on the newbies like team South America. The unfair treatment was meant to teach clone Zheng his place of being a cattle. Yet, this treatment also unlocked clone Zheng’s potential to reach the top of the ladder. He surpassed his original, surpassed team Celestial, surpassed everyone. Caucasians in the realm suffered as a result. Hatred of the whole race settled within clone Zheng and he killed numerous Caucasians.

Zheng witnessed the scene which changed both of them. Clone Zheng’s eyes loss their focus and shine as though life had been taken away from him. Zheng couldn’t turn his eyes to look at Lori. His hands and Tiger’s Soul trembled.

Zheng shouted and entered the fourth stage. The bat wings grew out from his back. He activated Destruction.

(Sigh. If I have to restrain myself against my heart and watch these beasts humiliate her, I would rather become trapped in this dream world. The gap of my heart isn’t the priority now.)

The gap of one’s heart was the most difficult object for any person to let go. If one could so easily overcome this gap, there would be no such a thing as lust for fame and money, there would be no conflicts, no wars, no crimes. Everyone would ascend to enlightenment and live in Nirvana.

Zheng knew the moment he attacked these illusions was the moment he completely fell into the despair dream. Only when he eliminated the nightmare’s origin and crossed the final step would the nightmare go away. Otherwise, he, and the comrades who were trapped in their dreams would all die. Team China would end with a wipe!

Zheng charged into the Caucasians with Tiger’s Soul in hand. The fourth stage, Destruction, and awakened demon genes pushed his strength to an extremely high level. A wave of mist extended beyond the blade edge in a crescent. The Caucasians shattered into pieces without uttering a sound. He could not even retain one to torture. This was still a dream after all. Freddy did not know of how strong these people originally were.

Zheng immediately finished off the two people beating clone Zheng. And then a voice sounded. “What use is a team? What use is kindness? Kindness without the power to protect those important to you is merely a justification of living on as a weakling… So you are just a hypocrite!”

A pair of hands grabbed the two Caucasians. The hands pulled their bodies in halves. Blood and organs splatter the floor.

A man stood behind the two Caucasians. He had the same wings on his back. A scar ran from between the brows to the corner of his lips.

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