The Charm of Soul Pets by

224 Chapters. status: ongoing. Categories: Xuanhuan.

Clouds of birds flying in the blue sky and green grass;Wild and wild blood in the desert gobi. The nocturnal dream of the moonlight jungle;A quaggy dome over a cliff. The vast expanse of ocean under the ocean, the great beasts of the sea, the proud, isolated mycora, on the top of the cloud. The sword stings, the sun sets, the far old wooden demon, the chaos lei the spirit, the lightning of the ice and the black fox...The plant, the monster, the element, the dead, this is a strange land, a strange and brilliant world of soul! Spoil our hero, a young soul, carrying a baby when he was in the original spirit the variation of a pet - moonlight fox, let its variation in constant battle to more powerful udun six demon fox and a higher level of corona flame of inflammation of nine tails fox! In th...

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