In ancient times? Feudal society? Factions? River's lake? A knife and sword? Beautiful wuxia? Beautiful guy? Or the wuxia? The description of the modern society of the ancient wuxia factions? Maybe, but I want to say is, it's all part of the wuxia, or rather, part of the wuxia including these. So what is a wuxia? I think kung fu is divided into two parts, one is wu, is a xia. Want to have more than ordinary reality, even in the real world can also, but more than the ordinary people, that is you, he and I, we, more than the us, this is certain, for example, you can't say the street fight gangsters and underworld is Wu Xiali wu, no matter what xia is not xia first, take a watermelon dao chop down a person, do you think this is the wu Wu Xiali? Said the arms, but wuxia is really important, then began to say xia.

7 Killers by Gu Long

8 Chapters. Status: completed. Categories: wuxia.

Dragon 5th is a powerful lord with incredible martial arts, and yet is wasting away from a fatal disease. The only medicine which can cure his sickness lies in the clutches of his venemous ex-wife, Madam Lovesickness, an...

Dragon King With Seven Stars by Gu Long

25 Chapters. Status: completed. Categories: wuxia.

Upon the death of multi-millionaire playboy Sun Jicheng, Jinan city suddenly becomes the center of a maelstrom of Jianghu intrigue. Once again, the mysterious death and/or disappearance of some of the most powerful and f...

Heroes Shed No Tears by Gu Long

18 Chapters. Status: completed. Categories: wuxia.

Heroes Shed No Tears is a novel originally written by famous Chinese Wuxia author Gulong....

Horizon, Bright Moon, Sabre by Gu Long

25 Chapters. Status: completed. Categories: wuxia.

Fu Hongxue was a cripple, born with a lame leg and subject to epileptic seizures. He was also one of the most powerful, legendary figures of the martial arts world, with a dull black saber that was second to none. His fa...